You’ve Been Using Your Foundation the Wrong Way!


We all know that modern foundation is this miracle product that evens out skin and covers flaws; but have you ever thought about how much of your skin actually needs covering? We’re almost certain that most of you have just got some reddening and the odd blemish, and you’re only supposed to apply foundation to those trouble areas that need a little help.

So why have we been doing some serious overkill with the foundation?

The first use foundation was actually invented around 200 B.C by the Greeks and Romans to make their complexion paler—only it was called face paint back then. This preference for pale skin persisted through the Middle Ages and the Italian Renaissance up to the 18th century; so it’s our guess that we never broke that habit. After all, it was only during the 19th century when women started favouring a more natural look.

And this is what women would have looked like if tan were in then.

If you think about it, the method of applying foundation sparingly is a fairly new technique!

We actually have 1900’s German theatre actor Carl Baudin to thank for the invention of modern foundation and the resulting technique, and it was all because he wanted his wig to look more real by covering the edges.

(Here’s to you, Carl.)

Foundation nowadays is a far cry from Baudin’s original mix of zinc, ochre, and lard; and any girl can vouch for the magic that this makeup must-have can do. But one thing you have to remember is: Do as the Romans do and ease up! #beautybytes