Your Morning Routine

BY Andie Trinidad

Let’s face it: mornings aren’t for everybody. Getting out of bed is hard enough, so a whole skincare regimen sounds like an absolute… chore. However, setting a little time aside to do these steps make all the difference, as a morning skincare routine arms your skin against all the dirt and pollution it will face during the day. Plus? You’ll find that it’s almost therapeutic, so you can ease into the day. Good morning!

Step 1: Skip the Cleanser

Ever heard of the no-shampoo-everyday rule? The same applies for our skin. A common misconception is that when you wake up, you should lather your face with facial wash. This is, in fact, counterproductive – the skin needs to maintain a certain pH balance (depending on your skin type, but generally a low pH), so using a cleanser will only strip it of the good stuff. Because skin is more or less clean when you rise and shine, washing your face with water – and only water – will suffice. Pro tip: if you feel like you still have leftover gunk from the night before, a quick dab of Micellar Water all over your face is the way to go.

Step 2: Tone Up!

In case you’ve been skeptical: yes, toners are worth it. Because it allows the pores to shrink, toners protect the skin from any dirt (Manila pollution – ick!), among many other functions, such as balancing the pH level of the skin. Those with oily and acne-prone skin are especially in need of toners. To apply, dab some toner onto the skin with a cotton ball. Don’t forget your neck!

Step 3: Vitamin Se-rum

Often overlooked, yet wrongly so – serums are filled with antioxidants that help protect the skin from harsh elements in the environment. They supercharge your skin with vitamins (like Vitamin C, that helps strengthen your skin against the sun!) and anti-aging properties, and its effects can even last up to the evening. Apply all over skin, allowing a few minutes after applying to let it fully absorb.

Step 3: Sunscreen, sunscreen, and more sunscreen.

Perhaps the most crucial step in a morning skincare routine, SPF protects the skin from premature wrinkles, sunspots, and other horrors. Look for sunscreens with the label “PA++++” – with at least 4-5 “+” signs as this ensures the most effective protection from the sun. For the chicas on the go, a moisturizer with built-in SPF saves you both time and money. You know what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Step 4: Moisturize!

If your moisturizer already contained SPF, you’re pretty much good to go! If not, find a moisturizer that’s best for your skin type. A light, non-comedogenic moisturizer won’t feel too heavy (especially in our humid country). Moisturizers are fantastic as bases for makeup as products adhere to the skin better. Plus, your skin will appear dewy and not flaky – sounds like the total package to us. Apply a pea-size amount on your fingers, dab onto the major spots of your face, and (carefully) spread it all over your face, taking good caution around the eyes. Don’t forget your neck!

And… that’s it! Your skin is prepped and primed for makeup, and ready to face (no pun intended) a new day!

Do you already have a morning routine? What’s it like?

Featured images from Philly Mag.