Yes, We Lifted a Nail

BY Audrey Arayata

When I was invited to become a competitive powerlifter, I knew that it was a commitment. Training every day to build enough strength is no walk in the park: I constantly struggle with bruises, muscle pain, chipped nails, and calloused hands. The road to fitness requires a lifestyle overhaul, and it has greatly influenced the course of my beauty routines.

That’s me in red!

For a while I solely focused on skin care, believing that there wasn’t much else I could afford to add to my routine. Growing out my nails for aesthetics was out of the question—long nails wouldn’t even last a day in the world of powerlifting… Right?


After years of keeping my nails short for practicality’s sake, a good friend challenged me to try out “instant long nails” with Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nails, betting me a free service if they didn’t last the week with my rigorous schedule.

I was surprised to see that Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nails are actually plastic nails which can be treated like your natural nails. Once attached, the technician cut, filed, and shaped the nails to my liking and finished it off with Masquerade by Vinylux.

They look just like real nails, don’t they? It blew my mind! But will they stand the test?

First day in the gym was all about figuring out if there was a right way to hold the bar and load the plates with the added element of longer nails. Despite my clumsiness, my nails remained perfectly in place and unchipped. That obstacle persisted throughout the rest of the challenge, but no matter how often I accidentally brushed the bar of the plates with my nails, they still looked as good as the day I got them done. It was only five days later when some light dents in the nails became visible.

Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nails lasted me a total of 10 days. It was only after suddenly grabbing a plate did I manage to cause a single fingernail to fly away. Thankfully, there was a nearby Dashing Diva and they readily accommodated my request for Virtual Nail removal.


Overall, I would say that my friend won this round! I’m officially a convert of Dashing Diva’s Virtual Nails and recommend it to those who want to easily have beautiful long manicured nails, whether you lift or not. I can safely say that these nails can withstand normal tasks and they last longer than the regular manicures I have had in the past. I find it so awesome that we powerlifting ladies don’t have to give up having pretty nails for the love of the sport!

Here’s a shoutout to my technician, Rona! I’ll see you soon!

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