Why Sport the Short?

BY Audrey Arayata

Hair is probably one of the most aesthetically treated parts of the human body next to the skin. There are so many treatments available for human hair depending on where it grows and on how you want it treated. One thing’s for sure though: No matter how many more hair treatments become available in the future, there will always be the constant struggle of choosing between growing or cutting your hair.

This struggle was very real for me as I was growing up. When I was a kid, I never thought about growing my hair like Rapunzel’s. I felt comfortable in my boy-cut or shoulder-length hair. I didn’t have to worry about how to fix it since it was flatiron straight anyway; but when puberty hit, things changed.


Suddenly, long locks were a must-have. I succumbed to peer pressure and tried my best to grow it out, but because puberty altered the texture of my hair. My hair suddenly became wavy and unmanageable—managing it was terribly difficult. I couldn’t grow it out too long because I would’ve looked like a witch. Thankfully, I found a stylist that helped me tame my tresses. We had a good relationship until my junior year in college when I was looking to make a radical change. I wanted a pixie cut, but he didn’t want to give it.


My head reeled. Why not? My hair certainly didn’t grow on his head, so why should he have the final say? Ladies, remember that your hair is yours and not your stylist’s, no matter how brilliant they are. No girl should have to deal with a stylist who bullies you into a cut you hate, or a treatment with hidden charges. (But that’s a story for another time.)

So after trying out stylist after stylist, I finally found a short-hair specialist who immediately said yes to my pixie request. That first snip was an interesting sensation. I never truly realized how much hair I had for someone considered to already fall under the “short hair” category. Strands of the security blanket I never knew I had fell around me, and I watched as my shoulders and jaw finally saw the light of day.

I felt more exposed than I had ever been in my short life, and it felt fantastic.


I enjoyed wearing the pixie so much that it took me a while to grow it out to a more acceptable, so-called “feminine length.” But as you can see, I went back to the pixie. Why? I’ll let you in on a secret:



1. Styling is simpler. If you want to style it, you don’t need to use a lot of product. You can even go with a “wash and wear” look instead.

2. Attitude becomes the appeal. You automatically exude more confidence when you have less to work with. Let yourself shine!

3. Standing out is effortless. The fact that you have short hair can distinguish you from the long-haired ladies out there.

Note: Less hair doesn’t mean that you have no hair! Your tresses still need caring, don’t scrimp on essential hair care products or just make do with products that just work okay. It’s important to find what floats your boat and leaves your hair happy and healthy.

Who’s sporting the short? Show of hands in the comments below!