Why Not Having #Instaworthy Brows is Okay

BY Maia Panlilio

2013 was the advent of the pristine Instagram brow; and the trend only skyrocketed due to the number of celebrities & Insta-famous people who picked it up. I don’t know about you, but photos of Instagram brows can flood entire scrolls of my feed!


Instagram brows are the kind that start out very light, then darkens out with almost unreal definition it goes along. You can actually say that’s it’s a gradient brow with an ombré-esque style. They definitely look good on Instagram, but are these eyebrows really on fleek IRL? You be the judge, but I have some thoughts to share.


There is a very fine line between well-defined brows and overdone brows. Brows that are a little too done may show up well on-camera, but they may look harsh and cartoonish off-camera. If that hasn’t dissuaded you from abusing your brow makeup, remember that imbalanced, overdone eyebrows can throw your face off-balance because of the unnatural look it gives off.

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Keep in mind that while makeup’s there to enhance your natural look, it shouldn’t be used to carve out brows from stone. Your face isn’t Mount Rushmore!

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The list of brow don’ts is fairly long, but here are some common mistakes that can cause your brows to be overdone:

DON’T fix a unibrow by plucking your eyebrow gap to oblivion then going over it with makeup. Trust us, it does not make a pretty look.
DO line up a thin brush or pencil vertically with your inner tear duct before plucking. This is a marker showing the furthest your eyebrows should be plucked.

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DON’T layering on your eyebrow makeup like there’s no tomorrow. This can make your brows look thick and blocky.
DO use light, short strokes when applying makeup. Keep away from pressing down and dragging harsh lines across your brows. God forbid that you fill your brows in like a colouring book!


DON’T try to match your brows perfectly. This this a quest that often leads to disaster.
DO let your brows do their natural thing. Nothing’s better than what nature gave you!

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Simplicity is a great brow look! Don’t feel the need to have to follow these crazy brow trends. All an Insta-brow addict needs for rehab is a great brow therapist, and you can find those at Dashing Diva. Give your brows and rest and let them grow out! We promise, the wait is worth it after your brow therapist threads/waxes your brows to perfection!

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Maia is a junior in high school who loves anything related to travel. She believes that summer is the best time of the year to do her favorite things–binge-watching shows, eating, and being with friends.