Which Nail Shape Suits Your Personality Best?


Glass nails, matte nails, glitter nails—the nail industry has too many trends for us to keep track of! Thank the beauty gods that the most important aspect has remained the same, because we’re all about nail shapes!

Most of us have stuck to the name nail shape for most of our lives, but can be a bore to keep the same shape when there are so many options out there. Read on to check which nail shape might suit you better (or best) and change it up.


Also known as an oval shape for those with longer nails, this shape is best suited for the busy girl who likes to keep it simple. The most classic and easily maintained, round nails are the “comfort zone” of all nail shapes.

PROS: Can make your fingers look more slender. Suits all nail types.

CONS: None


Are you the adventurous type who works hard and plays harder? If yes, then this is the nail for you! Square nails maximize the surface area of your nails, which is perfect for exploring the world of nail art.

PROS: Durable, can withstand extreme sports without breaking a nail (pun intended!).

CONS: May be unflattering on wider nail beds when kept short.


Ideal for the modern professional, this square-oval hybrid showcases classic style with a contemporary twist. You can alter this style to suit your finger shape: Lean towards the rounded side for wide nail beds and move towards the square side for thin nail beds.

PROS: Gives off an effortlessly polished look.

CONS: High maintenance with longer nails.


A clear winner for ladies who want to make a statement without looking tacky, this nail shape creates a dynamic effect with its slender peak and wide base.

PROS: Balances out wider nail beds.

CONS: Needs constant trimming to keep an attractive length.


These “ballerina shoe nails,” are for the women who want to exude femininity with a little kick. This shape drastically narrows down to a square off tip, giving your nails a unique feel.

PROS: Great shape when used with nail enhancements (false nails).

CONS: Prone to breaking off.


Avant-garde head-turners ought to go for this shape to bring the runway to the highway. The extra sharp tips may not be great for handling children, but damn they look good!

PROS: Insta-worthy.

CONS: Cannot be done with natural nails. Nail enhancements are a requirement.

What nail shape do you want to rock? Head on to #DashingDivaPH to change it up!

Illustrations by Jennifer Chalet. Featured images via listaka.com.