Wearing Your Hair Up Could Seriously Damage It


Crazy hair? Ponytail. Too hot? Bun. Got an event? Updo. Damn, those were every day lazy girl hacks!

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but putting your hair up too often can cause some serious harm to your tresses. Trust us, a cute Instagram feed is not worth the hair damage. For the beauties who have some questions, here’s how some styles cause damage (plus damage control options!):


When you go the high-fashion route with a slick pony, you’re making your front hairline weak from all the pulling. Going crazy with the elastics are bad too—pulling a band wrapped too tight is sure to jerk out already-damaged strands.

The everyday pony can cause even worse problems by cutting into your hair shaft, marking its usual spot with frayed and broken strands.

Solution: Strengthen your hair with keratin to prep for your pony.


Buns are fantastic at preserving hairstyles overnight, but they’re not fantastic at preserving hair health. Sleeping with a bun on pulls at your hair as you sleep, causing unnecessary stress and friction to your scalp.

Solution: Keep your salon-perfect blowout with the right brushes.


We all know the wet updo is a common beauty trick to getting no heat curls. There’s actually a good reason for that, and you might be surprised why. Hair is a lot more fragile than when it’s wet, which is why it can form the impression of curls when you leave it coiled on your head. Put an elastic to keep it together and you’re asking for trouble in the forms of split ends and hair loss!

Solution: Go with a porcelain flat iron for natural curls.

Have you fallen victim of constant styling? Share your story below! #beautybytes