Waterproof Makeup Picks Perfect for Summer


These items joined the resistance against smudges!

Hello, hot summer sun and hello makeup melting off your face! Under the blazing sun, your regular go-to makeups won’t stand a chance against all these summer activities. Luckily, there are products that are made to stand all sweat and humidity. Take a dip with these summer makeup staples that won’t disappoint!

Lip color

Heat and humidity are no excuses for you to have sad-looking lips! Look for a highly-pigmented formula that will cling to your lips like there’s no tomorrow, regardless if you take a dip or drink rounds of cocktails and fruit shakes.


Summer should not stop you from achieving long, curly, and volumized lashes! Stop worrying about smudges running down your face because these squid-ink smears are impossible with waterproof and splash-proof mascaras!



You want a makeup that can keep up with your life and the sun’s glaring shine. Don’t let the humidity stops you from rocking long feline flicks! Wing it with a reliable eyeliner that is waterproof and smudge proof!



Rain or shine, you gotta have perfect eyebrows no matter what. It frames your face and makes you look made up even without makeup on. Stay in the squad of girls with cool brows by using smudge-resistant products. 


Rosy cheeks even under the sea? Totally possible! There’s nothing sweeter than a rosy glow during summer. Or a healthy shimmer that illuminates skin. Plus point if it doesn’t melt on your face.


Do you have a favorite product to use during summer? Let us know!