Travel Beauty Tips

BY Andie Trinidad

Got an upcoming trip? If your flight is more than 5 hours, this is the perfect opportunity to pamper your skin. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you look your best once you arrive at your destination.

Stay Hydrated!

At such high altitudes, the atmosphere of recycled air is anything but forgiving to the skin and body. It’s essential to load up on fluids to avoid dull, flaky skin (trust us – it shows). Bring an empty water bottle and ask the crew to fill it up for you once on board. Pro tip: buy a small spray bottle and fill it with water, regularly spritzing your face throughout the flight.

Keep it Simple

Being on-the-go shouldn’t stop you from looking your best! Stay fuss-free by keeping your regimen simple: avoid wearing makeup, and use basic products that ensure that your skin is moisturized and hydrated. Remember to bring travel-sized products that comply with your airline’s on-board liquid limits.

Avoid Direct Hand-to-Face Contact

The airplane is crawling with all sorts of germs, especially with the recycled air – and no one wants to put that on their faces. Avoid using products like moisturizers or pots that involve direct hand-to-face contact. Really need to use products that involve your fingers? Carry a small bottle of alcohol and spritz on your hands when necessary.

Facial Wipes

Once you’re all settled down, wipe your face with cleansing wipes to remove any residue from the pre-flight madness. This will also give you a fresh, clean base to begin with for the next steps.

Pucker Up

Ever been on a flight and feel your lips gradually getting drier? That’s because the first signs of dehydration show on your lips. Not cute. Beat dry, flaky lips by carrying your favorite moisturizing lip balm in your bag, reapplying regularly throughout the flight.

Mask of (No) Shame

Want to have a spa-like experience on board? Sheet masks are the next best thing. Try to carry several kinds – hydrating, moisturizing, and brightening, for example – and apply throughout the flight. Keep them on for at least 15 minutes and don’t wait for them to dry out, as this means that all the hydrating properties have been sucked out. Never mind if you look silly while you do it – your skin will thank you for it later!

Touch up!

The much-awaited “we are nearing our destination” announcement from your pilot is your cue to start touching up. Again, keep it simple by using concealers or cushion foundations (to avoid hand-to-face contact), mascara, and lip tint, to look wide-awake once land.

Featured images via Journalist On the Run.