The Taming of the Mane


Big truths are hard to handle, and that adage extends to hair. Big hair can be a big problem, and trying to manhandle your locks into submission can aggravate their state. By now you should already know how you could be sinning against your hair, so today we’ll we giving you tips on how to trap flies with honey incentivizing your hair to be more manageable.

We hope your hair doesn’t resemble Cousin It. (Via The Addams Family, 1991)

RULE ONE: Don’t fear the (hair) reaper. Getting your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks means that you’re getting rid of any and all split ends that might show up. Split ends promote frizz, you know.

RULE TWO: Don’t shampoo every day, but at least every other day! Oh, we see some raised eyebrows, but you ought to know that some shampoos do too good of a job and strip your hair of their natural oils, making your hair bigger but not better. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can skip your daily bath.

RULE THREE: Overnight. Hair. Mask. Length only, avoid the roots! Coconut hair oil promotes hair strength, so you can stop worrying your hair grey over strands that suddenly break off. Do this at least once a week to restore your hair’s moisture.

RULE FOUR: Don’t touch the hair. No, seriously, stop. We know that the tousled-didn’t-even-try-look is so hot right now, but you know what’s not hot? Your hand breaking up your natural hair pattern, causing it to tangle up and frizz.

RULE FIVE: Switch to boar bristles. Having a brush with boar bristles promotes the production of your natural hair oils which act as a serum. Plus, it makes your mane look extra lustrous.

Big hair may have been in during the fashion decade of which we do not speak, but nowadays it just leaves a girl (or guy!) with unhealthy and unpolished hair. Remember to take care of yourself from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

Need more hair tips? Send us an SOS below with your hair problem and we’d gladly help you out! #beautybytes

Featured illustrations by Jaq Fryers.