#TBT Makeup: Then vs. Now

BY Raya Cordova

Hello, gorgeous people! Today, we are going back in time with a #TBT! And it’s not just any throwback but a #TBTMakeupLook edition, where we explore the days when makeup wasn’t exactly our best friend. Personally, the way I applied my makeup has changed drastically, which is why it would be hilarious and interesting to compare both. Make sure to keep your own #TBTMakeupLook in mind! I’m sure some of you will be able to relate to some of these. Just to twist things up a bit, I’ll also be showing you guys some beauty products that have helped me go from 0-100 real quick.


I like to think of this as my “Polvoron Stage,” also known as the time when I had no idea what a primer, BB cream, foundation, concealer, or setting powder was. Back then I just resorted to the classic, snow white… Baby powder. For a lot of us, our baby steps into the glorious world of makeup was taking a handful of baby powder and excessively pouring that all over our faces. *cringe*


Through the years I’ve learned to say goodbye to my childhood-favorite baby powder. I’ve since been going through the steps of  priming my face, applying foundation and concealer (that match my skin tone!), and then setting it with powder. Make sure to get some really good ones out that’ll make your skin look #PhotoReady, #PhotoFinish, and #Photoshopped.



Remember when we used to think that our eyes were coloring books? I distinctly remember taking my huge kiddie eyeshadow palette filled with over 30+ rainbow shades and piling all the colors on my eyelids, because the more colorful and glittery the better… Right?


No, not right! As I grew older I’ve learned how to use those crazy yet gorgeous shades; but I now stick to more neutral eyeshadow shades for everyday looks while remembering to always blend, blend, blend! My current favorite? theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Trinomy for their smooth and pigmented matte eyeshadows.



I barely have any bottom eyelashes and I blame that on my 12 year-old self who would just pile layers and layers of the blackest eyeliner I could find on my waterline. Ah, those times when you had no idea that it was actually possible to put eyeliner on anywhere else but your waterline. Well, at least you look like a punk rockstar?


I’ve learned that less is more. I’m good with a liquid eyeliner tightline, just enough to make my eyes a little bit bigger.



If there was something I used way too much in my early days, it was probably mascara. I would spend 10 minutes just piling mascara on my lashes, constantly pumping the wand into the tube thinking that it would allow me to get more product.


Again, less is more! All I need is 2 coats of mascara to lengthen, and 2 coats to volumize.



This is probably the worst makeup mistake I have ever made! While watching TV one day, I saw a girl filling in her eyebrows, and I wanted to do the same. But since I didn’t have an eyebrow product at my disposal, I simply filled them in using eyeliner. The results were horrifying to say the least.


Living in a #BrowsOnFleek world, I have definitely learned how to treat my brows the right way. Filling them in lightly with an eyebrow product, running a spoolie through them, then topping them off with brow gel ensures a natural and polished look.



Blush was definitely not my childhood BFF, just because it made me look like a clown. I would just layer the tomato red blush directly on the apples of my cheeks, until it looked like I had actual apples on my cheeks.


Picking a more subtle shade of blush can make a world of difference. The key was to dust it on top of cheekbones for a natural flush. And then of course, contouring & highlighting to instantly make me lose 10 pounds, while shining bright like a diamond.


I am actually so thankful that over time I have been able to learn how to transform my makeup look from this…


To this!


Anyway, that was all for our #TBTMakeupLook. Make sure to comment down below which ones you relate to or what other makeup-related things you used to do. Also, if you do want to check out any of the products I mentioned to achieve the same transformation, they could all be found in Beauty Bar stores or simply click here.

Have an amazing week, and always remember, you are just as beautiful with makeup as you are without

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