Summer-Proof Your Hair!


Achieve your #hairgoal despite the humidity with these summer must-haves!

Whether you want to shield your mane from damage or keep your hair’s luster  100% vibrant, these summer hair must-haves will keep your strands strong, sexy, and protected all summer long.

Detangling brush

If you’re noticing more hair yanking out on your brush than usual, it’s time to swap your traditional comb to a detangling brush. Detanglers have softer bristles that can easily glide through your scalp and loosen knots and tangles.

Try: Rich Hair Care Stain Touch Detangling Brush

Dry shampoo

For days when you’re hair is greasier than usual, there’s dry shampoo to depend your life upon. Since frequent hair washing is not advisable, dry shampoo is a godsend that will give your hair that bedhead look you’re dying to recreate.

Anti-frizz spray

When leave-in conditioners are not enough, provide your hair the all-day humidity resistance it needs with anti-frizz spray.

Hair Oil

Keep your hair shining with specialty hair oils. They do not only freshen up your locks for longer hours,  they usually contain beneficial properties to protect your hair.

Hair Treatment

Has the summer heat already savaged your hair? Don’t fret! A good hair treatments can do the trick of bringing life and vibrancy back to your dull and lifeless strands. Try: Phytorelax Keratin Deep Reconstructor Mask

Besides the usual nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo, add these hair products to your summer routine to keep tresses happy and healthy!