Stages of New Haircut Grief Every Girl Feels


When you ask for a trim and see 5 inches of your hair lying on the floor

When someone asks if you’re going through a breakup

… Or some other personal crisis

When you think you look fabulous but nobody even notices

…Not your family

…Your friends

…And definitely not your crush

You didn’t even shower this morning so that you wouldn’t ruin your new hair!

When only one side of your hair is on point and you can’t get the other to follow

When you try to replicate your stylist’s blow-drying techniques at home and fail miserably

… No matter how hard you try

When someone says they liked your old hair better

When you suddenly miss your old hair

You almost kill your hair trying to figure out how to fix it

And then you realize all you’ve got a friend in Beauty Bar +


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Featured images from Getty Images.