Exploring the World with Cargo Cosmetics


Makeup that stays, makeup that slays!

It looks like all our wishes came true when the heavens created a makeup line that’s waterproof, sweatproof, swimmable, and travel-ready. Say hello to Cargo Cosmetics!

A 90’s cult favorite, the Canadian beauty brand emerged onto the scene as a professional makeup line that is used by the industry’s top artists. The concept: simple, professional results that would be easy enough for all women to achieve.

From there, Cargo launched a multitude of award-winning products, formulations and innovative packaging. It wasn’t long before Cargo became the one to watch for and garnered worldwide recognition as one of the most creative and innovative brands on the beauty scene.

A mainstay on the sets of Hollywood productions as well as in the makeup bags of women worldwide, Cargo continues to create products that are fresh, innovative, and fun; all with a nod from the free spirited and independent traveler. Now, let’s take a trip to different destinations with Cargo – makeup to move you!



Just like New Yorkers, urban fashionistas are expected to have flawless, poreless, and picture perfect skin that’s always ready for a selfie! Check the HD collection of Cargo that ranges from oil-free complexion cream to waterproof concealer.

Cargo Swimmables

The beach life of every fashion girs is about to get better thanks to Cargo’s swimmable collection. From transfer-resistant swimmable eye pencil to water resistant swimmable blush, you can be assured to stay pretty on the beach, on land, and everywhere else.  



Embrace the bright lights and the enchanting music of the party scene with exciting makeup collection from Cargo. Bat your eyes in confidence with the bold and playful Eye Palettes from Cargo!