Royal Flush


At least 7 hours of sleep, 8 cups of water, and a good diet–also known your daily list of requirements for that perfect glow. Wew! We know it’s a lot to ask and we still recommend getting all 3 done, but the fastest way to fake a beautiful and youthful flush is blush. Pick the right shade and finish, and get your glow on!

Blush is supposed to add color and life to the face, it is not meant to shape or contour. As a rule of thumb, we suggest working within your natural color range. You can figure it out in 2 ways:

  1. Take note of what color your cheeks flush after a strenuous work out
  2. For the lazy, pinch your cheeks!

Whatever shade your cheeks flush, is the depth you want to go, max. Don’t  you dare go darker! (Exceptions apply, we’ll cover that in another time.)

For our lighter skinned chicas, go with soft peaches and warm pink undertones to add that hint of color and amp up the glow factor.

For those with olive skin, rich and intense warm blushes should be your go to shades as these colors will compliment your skin tone.


First, you have to stop applying apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in big circles! (If you don’t do this, we consider it a crisis prevented.) Correct application would be to apply blush on your cheekbones only. Not sure how to find your cheekbone? Read on!

Smile and locate the center of the apple of your cheek. Place your index finger there.


Place the thumb of the same hand at the top of your ear where it connects to your head.


Now take your thumb and bring it toward your index finger. The bone you feel is your cheekbone.

Apply color directly to your cheekbone.

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