Red Skin Remedies

BY Marivic Munoz

Irritated skin is not a happy camper and it’s not afraid to show itself as redness. Dry skin, sunburn, rosacea, and acne may be the most common culprits for irritation, and alleviating skin of these conditions also gets rid of the redness.

Solution: Moisturize.

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The key to supple skin is a good dose of hydration. If you’re someone who’s just starting to use creams, it’s best to keep them light. Starting out with heavy formulas may cause you to break out, especially when your skin is not used to rich treatments.

Wear SPF.

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The sun for 10 minutes is good for your skin, but too much exposure will dry out and damage your skin. Remember that prevention is easier (and cheaper!).

Solution: Use hydrating makeup bases.

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Cover up your rosacea comfortably with BB or CC Creams. These types of makeup bases do well in hiding redness while keeping skin hydrated; but keep an eye out for alcohol, fragrance, and sodium lauryl sulfate in the ingredients as these can cause your condition to get worse.

Solution: Treat with anti-inflammatories.

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Organics like honey and cactus extract are great at toning down breakouts gently. With regular use these totally can get rid of your acne!

*If you do have consistent redness and these products don’t seem to work on you, it’s advised to see a dermatologist.

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