PSA: Do Not Use Retinoids Before Waxing!


Everyone’s a sucker for supple skin, and OTC medications have made looking young a lot easier—and cheaper. The leader in these OTC products is a little something called Retinoids, which is different from Retinol! Both are topical forms of Vitamin-A, Retinoids are way more souped up than Retinol, and while both have a long list of benefits, we can’t help but say that the former comes with a few extra effects.

These Vitamin-A based concoctions boast the ability to rejuvenate maturing skin and fight acne, and they do this by sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal the younger ones below. Retinoids are more intense in this regard, and they can even lighten the colour of your facial hair with prolonged use! That being said, that makes the areas covered in thinner skin more sensitive.

When you wax, you are essentially exfoliating. Add that on top of your Retinoid regimen and you’re bound to have very red, very irritated skin. That skin is bound to turn into a pigmented area of dark brown, and you want to avoid that!

So does that mean you have to give up your Vitamin-A creams? Nope, but we do recommend that you give the treatments a rest for about a week or two before waxing. If you can’t give up the Retinoids, then we suggest that you try out threading instead!

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