Prime Without Prejudice


The most important part of every beauty routine is usually the most neglected. Girls, whatever you do, wherever you are: do not wear makeup without primer!

Here are 5 reasons why you need to use primer:

1. Minimizes Pores

Primers reduce the appearance of pores before application of foundation. Some primers even provide a blurring and floating effect, making your skin look even more flawless.

2. Preps skin for makeup

Don’t give yourself a hard time putting on tons of foundation which you can’t apply evenly. Primers are your first layer, first coat to even out the skin surface.

3. Corrects tone

Some primers are tinted, giving them more power in hiding unnecessary red and dark spots. It makes it easier for you to hide imperfections, even before concealer and foundation.

4. Prolongs Makeup

Increase the wear time of your makeup by putting on an adequate amount of primer first. Primers are known to hold your makeup together. Just primer up and say goodbye to cakes!

5. Protects Skin

Primers act as a protective layer in between your skin and makeup. While it prolongs the makeup wear time, it also makes it easier to wash it off – preventing the pores from being clogged.