One Palette Challenge/Tutorial

BY Raya Cordova

Hello, gorgeous people! Today I will be showing you guys how to create an entire makeup look using only one palette. Makeup products can get expensive, making cashing out a struggle. When I make a purchase, I try to avoid buying cheap little items that could work (but don’t) and instead invest in something that’s versatile enough to serve different purposes.

Speaking of versatility, here’s the palette we’ll be using today: the Meet Matt(e) Trinomy palette. Because it has such a wide range of shades, these smooth, pigmented shadows can act as multiple makeup products! The reason why I chose an eyeshadow palette instead of a face palette isn’t just because of the number of colours; I chose it because eye products are safer to use on other parts of your face VS the other way around. Here’s why. Be safe when trying out this challenge!


After applying foundation, I usually set my face with a powder. I used “Matt Lin,” the perfect beige to blend with light-to-medium skintones. Use a damp sponge to set under your eyes, then a big fluffy brush to set the rest of your face.



This is my favourite part—contouring! Shed 5 pounds off your face by mixing “Matt Evans” and “Matt Reed” to get a shadow-like shade. Apply your new contour colour to your cheekbones, jawline, forehead and nose.



Mix the plum “Matt Kumar” with the pink “Matt Thomas” to get a gorgeous marsala for your cheeks. Apply the blush on top of your cheekbones and NOT on the apples of your cheeks because that will bring attention to them and make you look like a clown.

And then of course, before anything else you need to blend, blend, blend that powder, contour, and blush with fluffy brush so that there are no harsh lines!



But of course our brows have to be on fleek! Depending on the colour of your brows, you can either use “Matt Reed”  (a gorgeous brown) or “Matt Ahmed” (an intense black). Since my hair is a very dark brown, I’m using “Matt Ahmed” and applying that using an angled brush. Since these shadows are very pigmented, make sure to pat your brush first to get rid of the excess so that your brows don’t end up looking too harsh. I am then applying “Matt Lin” as a brow bone highlight.



Now for the most exciting part—eyeshadow! I’m doing the classic warm brown smokey eye with “Matt Lin” all over my eyelid, “Matt Evans” and “Matt Rossi” on my crease. If you want a more intense look, go in with “Matt Reed” to darken the outer Vs of your eyes, and soften the edges with “Matt Lopez” to give it some warmth.

Optional: Finish off your shadow with “Matt Reed” on the outer third of your water line to give this look some edge!


Precision is key here. Dip a small brush in water to increase colour payoff & lessen fallout, and choose a shade to lines your eyes with. I chose “Matt Ahmed” for a very subtle and natural thin line.



Lastly, a quick DIY lipstick you can do is mix eyeshadow with petroleum jelly! I’m using “Matt Kumar” again, and just mixing that with some petroleum jelly. Directly apply the mixture on your lips. I actually expected it to look like a lip tint, but it actually came out as pigmented as a lipstick! Love it!


There you have it, a full makeup look using only one amazing palette. I really hope you guys enjoyed this makeup look, and make sure to come back here to #BeautyBytes for more videos and articles.


Always remember you’re just as beautiful with makeup, as you are without!

Featured image via makyajkelebegiblog/Instagram.