Nuxe: Secret of Le Parisienne’s Glowing Skin


Uncover the secret of Le Parisienne’s  glowing skin!

It was in the early 90’s in a small natural laboratory that Aliza Jabes founded Nuxe. An all-natural skincare brand, Nuxe is a rough combination of Nature + Excellence.

Using the many wonders of flower and plant extracts, while incorporating luxurious textures and scents, Nuxe has successfully tapped the inner cravings of Parisian women for an all natural, luxurious yet affordable skincare products.

Nuxe launched its hero product in 1992 – the Huile Prodigieuse. An all purpose, golden dry oil to moisturize hair, skin, and face, HP is filled with 7 precious botanical oils: highly nourishing and anti-ageing Tsubaki oil, softening sweet Almond oil, moisturizing Camellia oil, anti-wrinkle Borage oil, soothing Hazelnut oil, nourishing Macadamia oil and repairing Argan oil. All Nuxe products are free from preservatives, silicone and mineral oils.

Currently, Nuxe has 45 patents worldwide for skincare formula and technology that is exclusive and proven effective.

Let’s get to know the many families of Nuxe products:

Products from the Creme Prodigieuse family boasts of its proven and tested 12-hour skin moisture lock.

It’s never too young to start fighting the early signs of skin aging. Nirvanesque products take care of early onset of fine lines and dark spots.

For women in their 30’s, Merveillance helps smoothen fine lines and provides moisture to fight further skin aging.

For women with visible wrinkles, dry skin and dark spots, Nuxuriance Ultra fills in wrinkles and brings back radiance onto your skin.

Made perfectly for your body, Nuxe Body has a complete range of products – from moisturizers, bath essentials to body oils. These products help control skin dryness and prevents and corrects other skin imperfections like cellulites and dark spots.