Have a Happy Feet: Everything for Your Toes


After a long day of beauty shopping, it’s about time you show your feet some extra love and attention. After all, you owe it to them to be able to attend all the gatherings, parties, and dates on your list this holiday, so it’s only fair they get the proper treatment they deserve.

Pamper your feet in a spa-mazing way with these essentials.

Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub

Enriched with jojoba, pumice granules, and apricot seed to give your feet a new and fresh look.

Loofah Oatmeal & Honey Exfoliating Soap

Make your feet kissable and huggable with a glycerine base that will exfoliate the old skin.

Wooden Foot File

Calluses and other bad elements are sure to have conquered your feet from all that walking. The Wooden Foot File is the magic wand that will remove all those away. The 2-sided gritty surface is rough enough to polish the most troublesome of spots, but will not irritate skin.

Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray

A treat for your feet after a shoe and sole day. This pure Australian Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic that heals and deodorizes the skin.

Intensive Heel Repair
Your cracked heel is a thing of the past! Australian Tea Tree Oil will soften your hard skin, and with the help of Cocoa butter, it will moisturize your wedge protecting it from every day wear and tear.

You’re all set to give your feet a happy treat!