Go bold or go home: Met Gala’s Biggest Trend We Should All be Copying Now!


Kiss your barely there eye makeup goodbye.

No red carpets do it quite like Met Gala. Every year is memorable. Every year is unique on its own. And every year, we get to witness our favorite stars dress creatively while staying true to the event’s theme.

While the Met Gala is already done (sad!), we still can’t get over with the one trend that rose above the rest: bold eyes! Stars like Rihanna and Selena Gomez made us realize that bright eyes is the beauty trend we should all be copying right now! Check out the stars whose lids shine through the Met Gala and beyond.


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Not only did the unofficial queen of Met went full-on avant garde, Riri also showed us how to emerge on top with bright eyes (and bold cheeks) too!

Selena Gomez

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We’d like to think that having The Weeknd by her side was enough to melt our hearts, but we’re wrong. Selena Gomez’s bold millennial pink makeup look was a scene stealer!

Katy Perry

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Met Gala’s co-chair Katy Perry did not disappoint in her bloody mary outfit made by Maison Margiela. But her bold navy smoky eyes turned us all faithful witnesses to her fashion vision.

Lupita Nyong’o

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From the first time she landed the red carpet up to now, she was always one of the few stars to watch out for. Everything looks good on her. Even the rainbow eyeshadow she sported on Met was good.

Jennifer Connelly

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While the Labyrinth star took a subtle approach to the theme, she made it up with a bright, pinkish-red hue on her eyelids.

Mandy Moore

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For Mandy Moore, purple reigned. Not that we’re complaining.

Katie Holmes

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The Dawson’s Creek star rarely played with colors. That’s why this navy smoky eyes made us all do a double take. We’re glad that it was her!

Taylor Hill

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Red eyes. ‘Nuff said.

Evan Rachel Wood

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Ever wondered how in the world were you going to sport the negative space eyeliner look you had seen in the runway? Well, here’s Evan Rachel Wood to show you how.

Thandie Newton

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If Frida Kahlo was reincarnated, she would definitely look like Thandie Newton. Everything about this look was just perfection.

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Who was your favorite star with bold makeup look at the met Gala? Let us know!

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