Get Up and Out the Door in 5 Minutes


Ladies, makeup shouldn’t be a 20-step chore that goes on forever—don’t be afraid to cut down on the extra steps that you know are unnecessary for an uneventful day. In this case, we’re going to cut out all of the steps except one: Concealer!

Concealer’s our hero product that just saves the day (or night for you party girls!) whenever the effects of our late-night marathons or that time of month catch up to us. Whatever it is, a good concealer can (and will) make any imperfection practically undetectable in seconds, be it dark eyebags, acne, or hyperpigmentation.

Before we even start with your new 5 minute routine, you first have to know what type of concealer you need. Read on to figure out what type of concealer is for you!

Problem: Dark Circles
Solution: Pen Concealer


Pen concealers feature a luminous and sheer formula; and come with a brush for light application. The light-reflective particles these concealers have can easily help you to get rid of dark circles. You can also use luminous pen concealer to highlight certain areas of your face, giving your complexion a brightening boost.

5-Minute Routine: Apply the concealer in a triangle under your eyes. Blend with a face brush, and you’re ready to go!

Problem: Acne
Solution: Stick Concealer

Via Ashley Beauty

For thick, high coverage formula, you can always rely on stick concealer. They come in tubes that you can just slip in your purse, making them convenient for touch ups.

5-Minute Routine: Use a clean finger to sparingly apply on your zits. Your finger will warm up the formula before it hits the skin, giving a smoother finish. Set with powder to ensure a long-lasting look.

Problem: Rosacea & Hyperpigmentation
Solution: Cream Concealer


Cream concealer is similar to stick concealer in the sense that it has a highly pigmented, full coverage formula. The difference is that the latter has more binders for to keep its solid state. Cream concealer can efficiently help you cover up large areas of your face with a natural finish, given that you do not over apply.

5-Minute Routine: Take a small amount and use a wet sponge to layer the product on. The sponge will sheer the product out while evenly spreading & blending it to melt into your skin.

Problem: Minor Discolorations
Solution: Liquid Concealer


Many liquid concealers have hydrating properties and lightweight to medium coverage making them suitable for the under eye area. Oftentimes, a lighter shade than needed is used to brighten up the T-Zone, preventing oily-looking highlights that result from the addition of sebum to a highlight product.

5-Minute Routine: Dot the concealer on your discolorations and blend out with a sponge or a concealer brush. Liquid concealers are buildable, so you can layer it on if you feel like you need more coverage!

Got your own 5 minute routine down pat? Discuss below with your fellow beauty addicts! #beautybytes