Get Matte-ified: Top 3 Must-Have Matte Products

BY Raya Cordova

Hello, gorgeous people! Recently, the matte craze has taken the world by storm–take a walk around any mall and you’ll be astonished by the number of matte products available. Even when you’re a matte junkie like I am, it’s still hard to tell if a matte product will work out from just one swipe; and nothing’s worse than wasting our hard-earned moolah on matte products that end up being chalky, unpigmented, or drying! Don’t be discouraged from going the matte route though, I’m here to help you out by sharing my cheat sheet for must-have matte products. Girl, if you don’t get these you’ll be missing out big time.

1. Meet Matt(e) Trimony


Have you ever bought a palette and ended up just using 20% of it because all you wanted were the gorgeous matte shades? If yes, then I totally feel you! Every time I buy a new palette I end up feeling terrible because I only hit pan on the matte shades and forget about the shimmery ones. Just imagine how I felt when theBalm released the Meet Matt(e) Trimony, an all matte palette for all us ladies who just can’t get enough matte!

This beautiful palette comes in sturdy magnetic cardboard packaging with a huge mirror inside, which is useful when you’re on-the-go. It’s also very thin and lightweight–perfect to slip in your purse!


With 9 buttery eyeshadows (5 warm-toned and 4 cool-toned eyeshadows) that have no fallout, the Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette makes for an easy and hassle-free application. This versatile palette is sure to compliment every skin tone and eye color.

The pigmentation of the colors is amazing–one tap of the brush and you’ve already got opaque colour, sans primer! Speaking of primer, the eyeshadows last for 6-7 hours without an eye primer, and the wear time is even longer if you decide to take the extra step; you definitely don’t have to worry about retouching your eyeshadow.

If you don’t own a palette right now, this is perfect to start with. The neutral colors are perfect for everyday looks, and due to the huge pan size it can act as more than just eyeshadow: The cool brown shades can be used for contour, the warm brown shades as bronzer, the plum shade as blush, and the black shade as an eyeliner or eyebrow powder. That’s basically 6-in-1!

2. Meet Matt(e) Hughes


Looking for the perfect liquid lipstick is hard. I had to go through several ones that made my lips dry and patchy before I found The One. Save yourself the trouble of trial-and error and pick up Meet Matt(e) Hughes by theBalm. Trust me, those liquid lipsticks will give you that sexy pout that’ll last all day without drying your lips.

This vanilla-mint-scented liquid lipstick comes in 12 different shades from bold reds to elegant nudes– you’re sure to find one that suits you! Unlike other liquid lipsticks, this one only requires one layer of colour to reach full pigmentation.


The best thing about the Meet Matt(e) Hughes range is that they won’t budge for the world. Buffets ain’t got nothing on this liquid lipstick, making it a total must-have.

3. Bahama Mama


Now get excited, because this one is the Holy Grail of bronzers/contour–I’m proud to present the Bahama Mama. Believe me when I say that it’s not everyone’s HG for nothing!

The Bahama Mama has a flawless formula that glides on your face without being too orange, because this powder is the perfect neutral shade brown. The neutral tone of it makes it a great as a bronzer and contour, or an everyday eyeshadow shade when you’re in a pinch.


A light touch with this lasts for around 5 hours sans primer, so you can count on having defined facial features and a gorgeous tan the whole day if you decide to pack on the colour. If you want to get an instant tan and defined cheekbones with the flick of a wrist, then the Bahama Mama is the item you’re looking for!

So those were my Top 3 Must-Have Matte Products for aspiring matte junkies. Let me know below if you’ve tried them! Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead, and always remember you are just as beautiful with makeup as you are without.

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