Find Your Signature Scent


If you think about it, the idea of having a signature fragrance is a neat one. Smell is a powerful sense, and it can often elicit thoughts and memories. To have a scent associated with you and only you provides a stronger impression and recall. Unfortunately, there’s this notion that finding your perfect perfume/cologne can take years, or maybe even decades of trial and error.

Well, that used to be true before the advent of the internet. Now you’ve got all the information you’ll need to pick out your ride-or-die scent at your fingertips, provided that you already have an inkling of your preferences when it comes to smell. If you’re the kind who has no idea where to start, here’s a quick guide on fragrances:

Fragrances are composed of different scents described as notes, which are separated into classes of top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top notes of a fragrance give the “first impression” due to the strength and sharpness of their scent; however, they also evaporate the quickest. When this happens, the scents from the middle notes emerge.

The middle notes give body to the fragrance, being as they are mellower in contrast to the top notes. Their “rounded” nature also serves to mask the initial unpleasantness of the base notes when they begin to surface.

We mentioned earlier that the base notes can be unpleasant. Well, they’re not formulated with the intention of being unpleasant—they’re formulated to be deep and rich in order to boost the smells of the top and middle notes. The early strength of the base notes may prove to be too much for some, but may potentially fade into something more suitable depending on the scent’s reaction to your skin. Base notes also last the longest because of their low evaporation rate, and they will be what you’re waiting when looking for your signature perfume or cologne.

The magic happens when the notes intermingle, forming a fragrance to suit your personality. But what particular notes should you be looking out for?


An indulgent fragrance for the feminine with classic tastes.

Popular Notes: Jasmine, rose, gardenia, iris, and honeysuckle.


A playful fragrance for the optimistic with a light-hearted attitude.

Popular Notes: Passionfruit, figs, and apple.


An honest fragrance or the straightforward who exude comfort.


A clean fragrance for the unconventional who crave adventure.

Popular Notes: Orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.


A refreshing fragrance for the outgoing yet practical ambiverts.

Popular Notes: Green tea, white tea, and bamboo.


An intense fragrance for the confident with unrestrained appeal.

Popular Notes: Amber, white musk, and leather.

You see, fragrances are interesting things with increasing complexity as they unfold. This is why you have to let a fragrance sit on your skin for a while before ruling it out completely.

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Featured images from ANTM/The CW.