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We’ve compiled a list of the strangest and most outlandish beauty secrets that give us the shivers… Does it tickle your vanity to try them out?

Vampire Lift

Via US Magazine

How far will you go to keep up with the Kardashians? This treatment was popularized by Kim K; and for $1100, you too can experience the so called ‘vampire facial’. Using blood drawn from your arm, the doctor uses a centrifuge to separate the plasma and the platelets from red blood cells. To facilitate better absorption, micro-needles (yikes!) are used on your face before the platelet-rich plasma is applied.

The idea behind blood facials is that infusing the skin with platelets containing growth factors to stimulate collagen production in the face, resulting in a healthy and youthful glow. Unfortunately, there’s no actual evidence that the procedure works to make you look younger.

Turn back the clock with these tried and tested formulas instead!

Nose Shaper

Via trendhunter.com

Via trendhunter.com
This nose shaper from Japan promises to ‘train’ your nose by molding the soft cartilage if you wear it for at least 15 minutes a day. The clip is to be placed inside your nostrils, while the supports on either side will push up the cartilage to contour your nose and give it a smaller and more defined appearance.

Our suggestion? Fake it ‘til you make it.

Bird Excrement Facial

Via aestheticshub.com

Victoria Beckham swears by this ancient Japanese beauty treatment! The star ingredient in this facial is called uguisu no fun (鶯の糞): Powdered nightingale dropping. Dried and turned into powder, the excrement is mixed with rice bran and water and applied as a face mask. The enzymes found in the excrement decomposes the dirt and old skin cells, resulting in radiant and dewy skin. Don’t be fooled though– uguisu no fun can get quite expensive, despite what it is.

These equally affordable and effective items will give you radiant and dewy skin – sans the bird poop.

Bull Semen Hair Treatment

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Touted as ‘Viagra for Hair’, this 45-minute intense conditioning treatment’s star ingredient is semen from Aberdeen Angus bulls. The protein found in sperm cells reportedly repairs hair strands and leaves them thick and strong. The bull’s semen is mixed with the root of protein-rich plant katera. The mixture is applied to the client’s hair and left under a steamer for 20 minutes. At £55 a pop, the end result is amazingly voluminous, soft and shiny hair.

Looking for an alternative? These hair products will give you thick and soft hair just the same:

24K Gold Facials

Via The Sun

Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman are just some of the celebrities who swear by this treatment. For $1,000, your face will be covered in 24-carat gold leaf and a mask made from bee venom, hyaluronic acid and collagen that reportedly prevents sagging skin, as well as boasting anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and anti-aging properties. Gold has been used for skincare and healing for centuries – Cleopatra herself allegedly slept with gold on her face every night to preserve her legendary beauty.

No need to break the bank – these beauty products will give your skin that elusive glow and make you feel like a million bucks!

What do you think of these treatments? Weigh in below!

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