Corrector 101: A Cheat Sheet


Know your greens and reds for better concealment.

Not all concealers are created equal. Here’s a quick guide on how to use each shade of the color-correcting concealer spectrum.

Concealer Color Weehl


Cancel out red patches, acne scars, and rosacea using a green concealer. If you have widespread redness, a green primer will significantly hide it and will give your skin an even base.


Purple or lavender concealers eliminate yellow undertones. It also brightens skin especially if you have a pasty, dull complexion.


Hide unwanted eye circles, veins, and purple or blue bruises with the help of yellow concealer. Generally, it can be used to cover up any blemishes with a purple undertone.


Concealer of pink or salmon hue masks under-eye circles on lighter skin tones. Since it instantly brightens the skin when applied, pink concealer also gives sallow olive skin tone a healthy glow.


Just like the pink concealer, orange concealers are perfect for people who have dark skin tone and want to get rid of their dark under eye circles.


Neutral concealers are those normal-looking concealers that look like foundations. If you have little imperfections to hide, this wonderful concealer works perfectly fine.

Now, go turn yourself to a painter and color correct your canvas!