City Girl Makeup Around the World


What cool girls look like in Manila, New York, Paris, and beyond.

Looking for a new makeup inspiration? We’ve toured around the world to bring you what’s cool and what’s not in the world’s popular cities.


New York

Get ready in a New York Minute because women from this part of the world favor a look that is bold, sharp, and easy to transform from day to night. With little to no time to spare, New Yorkers always include multitasking essentials for whatever style and occasion.


French women make a big deal out of their skincare routine than their makeup. That’s why it doesn’t come as a surprise when they prefer to look as natural and as effortless as possible.



Sun-kissed, radiant, and fresh: these are the words best described the makeup look of Hawaiian girls or simply island girls. Since it feels like it is always summer, a carefree look goes well with the island’s easy life.




The land of eccentricities, Japan’s concept of makeup look tends to lean so much on the creative side that it is common to see women wearing color contact lenses, fake lashes, and doll-like makeup on a daily basis instead of on special occasions. Tone it down a bit by applying pink and floral hue under the eyes or as a blush.




Not only is L.A. blessed with 75 miles of coast, it is also the land of stars. So whether you’re going to be in front of flashing lights or taking a dip in the nearby beach, better be ready with a look that is lifeproof.




Pollution, humidity, and daily commute are part of every Filipina’s daily routine, but it doesn’t mean she will go outside barefaced. A strong brow would usually suffice but when time permits, she’ll pair it with some illuminating powder, bright lippy, and rosy cheeks.