Sun, Sand & Sea: Swimming With Cargo


Waterproof makeup? Why not!

Heat and humidity are two constant things Filipinas have to deal with when it comes to makeup. Because truth be told, nothing ruins your day faster than realizing that the masterpiece you’ve whipped up for a good 30 minutes, has turned into an abstract painting right on your face. We’ve all been there and it simply isn’t pleasant. But this summer, save yourself from this makeup disaster by turning to Cargo Cosmetics.

Cargo Cosmetics has a growing cult following for a reason. If you want water resistant makeup (yes, water resistant!) and you have the penchant for looking incredibly IG-worthy even when underwater, Cargo Cosmetics can give you a handful of products to use and to enjoy. And if you are a fan of either Friends, Sex & the City, or Kim Kardashian, rejoice because they are all loyal Cargo followers too!

Swimmables Water Resistant Bronzer


This bronzer stands up to humidity, salt water, and all sort of activities that make you sweat a lot. Packaged in Cargo’s signature silver tins, it has silicon and natural amino acids that help the color stick on your face despite the warm weather. P.S.: it’s also available as a blush.

Beach Blush


A flushed face is a must during the summer time! Get the benefits of blush and bronzer in one tin can for a perfectly balanced radiance. Available in four summer-ready shades too.

Better Than Waterproof Mascara


What’s better than a waterproof mascara? The Better Than Waterproof Mascara from Cargo. During humid days, invest in a mascara like this one that is gentle to be worn every day and even during swimming and crying session!

One Base Concealer Foundation


One of the worst outcomes of a humid weather is having your makeup sliding down your face. If you’re needing to cover some spots or smoothen your face, this one is the answer. Not only is it effective in hiding dark circles, it also feels light and is blendable too.

Swimmable Eye Liners


Eye liner that stays put through sun, sweat, swim, and tears? Give us ten! This ultra-pigmented liner is available in 9 shades that won’t budge no matter what you’re doing be it on land and sea.

So this summer, don’t let humidity and heat beat you down. Add these wonderful babies on your summer makeup clutch for a makeup look that is simply lifeproof!
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