Blush Formats You Should Try


Blush is usually one of the first items to join the ranks of every girl’s makeup kit, and it’s certainly one of the most used! A little blush on the cheeks can help liven up and entire look, so get reading and figure out what type blush is perfect for you!

Powders (Matte)

Our personal go-to, matte powder blushes are great for all skin types but perfect for those with oily skin. This blush format is the most opaque due to having the heaviest & densest pigments, making it long-lasting. This is also the easiest to carry around and reapply.

Powders (Shimmers)

This type is something like a blush-highlight hybrid—it just blesses your cheeks with a touch of colour while giving emphasis to your cheekbones. Perfect for ladies who want the full glowy effect with less steps.


The perfect starter blush. Tints are extra versatile and can give the same natural flush to your cheeks and lips. Blend them fast and blend them well, because these set quickly. On the plus side, these will take an act of God to budge!


Use a light hand with this one—a little goes a very long way. Cream blushes do a good job of letting the texture of smooth skin shine, and are particularly moisturizing. Apply these with your fingers and you’ll look especially gorgeous for a night out.

Which blush format are you dying to try? #beautybytes