Fresh Bath Essentials for the Millennial Tita


Who else here is guilty of stocking up on bath essentials? The hardworking Tita in us is exhausted from a day’s work and what more reward can we give ourselves than a warm bath at night? When you’re too lazy to go on a trip to the spa, light up your scented candles, play relaxing jazz music, and pick up your bath essentials supplies for a well-deserved Tita night.

It’s never too late to exfoliate. Rid your body all impurities and let it breathe anew by exfoliating dead skin cells and unclogging pores. Feel fresh and clean like a queen!


Scrub and get fab! To complement the exfoliating process, the moisturizing and whitening components of One Earth Organics’ body scrub will leave your skin light and bright.

When stepping in the shower, these fragrant babies will definitely keep you company.

The jojoba and other essential oils present in this shower gel will keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

If you opt for that fresh, minty fragrance, this no-fail peppermint and rosemary body bar is perfect for you.

After a relaxing shower, Tita will surely sleep tight!