Bath Brands We Love!



Experience the many wonders Goat’s Milk can do to your skin! Janice bath and body products are made from Goat’s milk, infused with Argan Oil to make sure you bathe with much comfort and nourishment – and that you are able to hydrate your skin in the best way possible.


Bath essentials built for your skin! Bare products are formulated to be mixed and matched depending on your skin & scalp type and needs. So why stick to single-formula bath bottles when you can mix & match your way to perfection?


Broo harnesses the magic of beer! Crafted with beer hops, BROO shampoos, conditioners and lotions are sure to pamper your skin and locks with B vitamins and essential proteins and minerals! You get 100% beer goodness minus the smell and hangover!

Earth Therapeutics

Formulated with our home in mind, Earth Therapeutic bath products are not only organic and natural, they are also Earth-friendly! How awesome it is to bathe with products you know is therapeutic, not just for you but also for the planet we call home!

Burt’s Bees

Crafted with everything organic and natural, the brainchild of a bee farmer and an artist has brought us bath essentials we can’t resist! With plant-based bath products, we’re sure to experience the luxury of nature in every shower!