A Peek Into the World of Asian Skin Care


There’s the kind of girl that takes an eternity getting ready; and then there’s also the kind of girl that takes forever to turn in for the night. If you think completing a full makeup look takes a lot of steps, we’d like to invite you into the world of Asian Beauty (AB) where skin care routines reign supreme. In AB, skin care is given so much significance that a nightly regimen can stretch up to 14 steps—and we’re not even counting the skin care steps taken during the day.

TBH, the trial-and-error makes it a pricey habit when you’re trying to get a kick-start on it, but the results are phenomenal and can speak for themselves.

Via tanishatanisha/Reddit
Via tanishatanisha/Reddit


What gives the Asian skin care routine an edge is the user’s ability to personalize every aspect of the routine to address his/her needs, switching out unneeded products when necessary. As opposed to the Western practice of manufacturing “one and done” products, AB is all about developing products that work in tandem with others. This is not to say that Western skin care products are ineffective—in fact, they can be integrated into an AB-style routine.

Remember that AB is more than a regimen, it’s a community about bringing beauty from the outside in!


Given that AB is all about your skin and what it likes, your routine is bound to be unique! The first thing to keep in mind is that what may be Holy Grail (HG) for others may be a total flop for you. Don’t worry, that’s your skin talking and you listening. Patch testing is your best friend during the trial-and-error process, and trust us when we say that it can be a lengthy one.

Here’s the second thing to remember: Introducing a new product into your routine isn’t as simple as just using it. Give yourself 2 weeks to 1 month between every new product so that you can easily figure out which item is being a troublemaker. Even when they’ve passed a patch test, you don’t know if a new product will react with anything in your current routine.


The AB-style regimen is generally a 10-step process. If there are any steps that you think your skin doesn’t need, don’t be afraid to cut them out! Again, your skin is boss here—you’re not obligated to go through all the steps.

1. Sunscreen

When to use: Day (needs reapplication)
Purpose: The sun’s rays can be evil incarnate to your skin. You’ll need something to protect your skin from the dark spots, aging, and cancer that UVA and UVB rays can cause.

2. Oil Cleansers

When to use: Night
Purpose: A little extra effort is required to remove your makeup if you’re a fan of the budge-proof look. Oil cleansers can work double time to lift up sunscreen and break down waterproof anything.

3. Cleansers

When to use: Day & Night
Purpose: Double cleansing is a thing in AB! Once you’ve gotten the sunscreen and makeup loose, you need to wash it off and let your skin breathe.

4. Toners

When to use: Day & Night
Purpose: Also called lotions, toners are meant to bring balance back to the PH of your skin. Toners should be refreshing and not alcoholic to prevent your skin from drying out.

5. Emulsions

When to use: Day & Night
Purpose: Emulsions are also known as essences, and this step is the backbone of an AB-style routine. Emulsions prep your skin with a punch of moisture, maximizing the effectiveness of the next step.

6. Ampoules

When to use: Day & Night
Purpose: Ampoules or serums are considered to be liquid gold, made to target specific skin problems. Because they’re formulated with active ingredients, a little goes a long way, making it the heart of your routine.

7. Sheet Masks

When to use: Day or Night
Purpose: Ever the popular kid of the AB world, sheet masks get a lot of mileage from the media due to the extra boost it gives to your skin. Soaked in active ingredients, sheet masks can battle those sporadic skin problems!

8. Eye Creams

When to use: Day & Night
Purpose: These products are made to baby the skin under your eyes, which can be quite delicate due to their thinness.

9. Moisturizers

When to use: Day or Night
Purpose: Moisturizers set you on the fast track to healthy, hydrated skin. Its cream formula will seal in the moisture in your skin, averting any dryness that may be caused by other products or your environment.

10. Night Creams

When to use: Night
Purpose: A heavier formula from your day moisturizer, the night cream is made to restore hydration and soothe your skin while you sleep.

Wow, that was exhausting! But believe it or not, the entire routine only takes 15 minutes. Of course, it may feel like an eternity to those outside the AB world; but don’t knock it until you try it!

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