30+ Years of Beauty: The ARTDECO Story


Get to know Germany’s most prestigious cosmetic line.

Founded in 1985 in Karlsfeld, Germany by Helmut Baurecht, ARTDECO was a lifelong dream that is now Germany’s number one cosmetic brand. Inspired by love of beauty, innovative concept, and great vision, ARTDECO was made to offer high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price, making their products accessible to all.

The family-run company believes in the uniqueness of each individual. With this in mind, ARTDECO came up with a cosmetic line that has a wide variety of colors, numerous specialty products, and customizable, flexible beauty boxes that allow every person the means to style their beauty the way they see fit.



Top Quality

First-class quality at a reasonable price, ARTDECO only uses high-grade ingredients that are developed into luxurious textures with the use of the latest technological standards.


Sensational Diversity of Colors and Products

A broad spectrum of fantastic colors and makeup must-haves offer endless opportunities to create the beauty you are comfortable in.




Refillable System

The heart of ARTDECO — ever since 1985, timeless, captivating beauty boxes are offered to the customers to fill with their choice of eyeshadow, blusher, or camouflage. This is the ultimate mark of individual cosmetics.


ARTDECO places great importance on the personal wishes of their customers. So whether you like your eyeshadows matte, chromatic, or shimmering, and your eyeliner liquid or kajal, or should you have other beauty needs, ARTDECO is sure to offer a diverse product range.


Speciality products

Numerous specialty products are created to solve minor beauty problems. The Eyeshadow Base is used for extremely durable eyeshadow, the Magic Fix to combat feathering lipstick, and the Camouflage Cream provides smooth and flawless coverage — these are just a few of ARTDECO’s specialty products to suit your beauty needs.

Live your beauty. In your own personal way.

ARTDECO – My Beauty My Way.