Here’s All You Need To Get a Summer Glow


Get your glow on!

Face contouring? So 2015. Glitter everything? Just too much to handle IRL. Every year, we get to witness beauty trends come and go but what shouldn’t come as a surprise is everyone’s fascination to ‘glowing’ skin no matter the season, year, or trend. A good skincare regimen is a start, but a bag full of the right makeup will help you achieve red carpet-worthy glow at home, stat.

Stock up on these products that will make your skin glisten, people will think that you always have a ring light by your side.


If you are the type of girl who likes to speed up her morning routine but still want to look decent, then a tinted moisturizer is your best friend. This multitasker moisturizes and gives your skin enough coverage without the heavy feeling. 


If you want F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S skin ala Beyonce, then start with a good primer. Prep your skin with a primer to smoothen the complexion, minimize fine lines and pores, and brighten your skin. It also absorbs undesirable oily glow. 


We all wish we have clear skin. However, most of us have scars, dark circles, and blemishes to hide. Take the opportunity to conceal these imperfections now! Just pick up a concealer that matches your skin to hide them. 


Glowing beautiful skin usually has a subtle sheen, so ditch anything matte, heavy, and full coverage. If you really need extra coverage, opt for a lightweight foundation. 

HD Pressed Powder

To set your makeup without adding another texture to it, use a translucent HD pressed powder.  Unlike loose powder, pressed powder gives better coverage and stays longer. Take away midday shine by pressing it over your T-zone. G


Highlighter is like the elixir for a youthful-looking skin. It gives you the power to achieve that glowy complexion of your dream with just a few stroke and swipe. Just don’t overdo it you don’t want your skin to look frosted. Give your cheeks that believable glow with 

Bronzer or Blush

What is a natural-looking glow without some color? Give your skin a healthy appearance with a bronzer or blush of your choice. 


Play up your eyes to give the appearance of brighter and bigger eyes. Apply neutral shades to your eyelids and make sure they do not clump or cake. Add a dash of pinks, plums, or golds for extra glow. 

Brow Kit

Well-groomed brows frame your face perfectly and save you from looking unkempt. Just make sure that you know the “know-hows” so your brows don’t end up looking tragic. 

Lip Color

Soft, moisturized lips best complement your dewy skin. You may opt to use a lip balm or wear a nude lipstick that flatters your skin tone. 

Now go on and shine like the star you are!