As a budding makeup guru with an eye for basic and more versatile products, Raya Cordova is definitely one to watch out for. This adrenaline junkie had her start in theatre and the news, making her no stranger to the limelight. With a rising star in the world of online journalism, Raya has a mission: To deliver timely, accurate, and personalized content to her followers. More than anything, she believes in open communication with her audience and dreams of creating a space where people can both listen and be heard.

Packed with big moves and big dreams, this girl has plans to immerse herself in the world of beauty full-time one day, and we hope you can follow her journey with us!


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Makeup Struggles for People with Glasses

Through the lens. Literally. #TheStruggleIsReal

Through the lens. Literally....

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Beauty Basics, Beauty Talk

One Palette Challenge/Tutorial

Do your brows, cheeks, and lips...

Do your brows, cheeks,...

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Trying IG Beauty Hacks

Our girl Raya tried them so...

Our girl Raya tried...

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