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They’re not just about all things fragrant — from bright colored lipsticks to skincare regimen on the go, these are the Clinique products that are keeping us happy for the whole month.

Pop Lip Colour + Primer

What is summer without the overly bright lips? Have another room to your lipstick collection now because Clinique Lip Pop Lip Colour + Primer is about to change the game. Despite its bold and saturated color, the Lip Pop is weightless and glides smoothly against the lips. Why? Because it has a primer! Just Like your usual face primer, this one conditions and moisturizes your lips, plus it helps the color to stay without fading up to 8 hours.

Pop Liquid Matte Liquid Colour + Primer

Matte lips don’t have to be dry lips. The Pop Liquid Matte Liquid Colour + Primer is a lightweight liquid lipstick that turns matte when applied. It covers your lips with highly pigmented color that stays to your lips up to 8 hours. Not only that, you get to choose from 8 summer-ready colors to wear on this warm weather.

Pop Matte Lip Colour + Primer

The primer and lip colour in one provides a creamy, saturated, full-coverage coat perfect for summer time! This one is similar to the original Lip Pop, but with a matte finish. Plus points because you don’t need to apply lip balm beforehand because the Pop Matte is so buttery, it glides smoothly onto your lips.

Clinique Pep-Start Multi Taskers

Let’s be honest, not all us have the time to do the 10-step Korean skincare routine. Every. Single. Day. Because truth be told, we just want an honest and practical skincare routine that can accommodate our busy schedule. Cue in the Clinique Pep-Start multi-taskers that are each tasked to do multiple things to save up time. The 2-in1 Exfoliating Cleanser is a daily cleanser and a scrub that is gentle enough to be used every day. The HydroBlur Moisturizer acts as a moisturizer and a primer at the same time, blurring imperfections just like a camera filter. A moisturizer and sunblock in one, the HyrdoRush Moisturizer gives skin a healthy glow while protecting it from sun’s UV rays. Lastly, the Eye Cream brightens, refreshes, hydrates, and depuffs eyes in just three seconds!

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